Kind Words


Recently I decided to be part of the Boudoir Empowerment Series for Grey Storyline. At first, I was extremely nervous. I’d checked out other photographers regarding photos of this theme. I wasn’t comfortable. I’ve never really like my photograph being taken, but I wanted something for my husband as a birthday/anniversary gift. 

What really made me comfortable was Autumn sharing that she too had been through some similar trauma, and she understood. She didn’t make me feel like I had a preset idea I needed to conform to, but she offered ideas and complimented my choices. She didn’t just see a person paying her for photos; instead she treated me like a person trying to feel strong for once. She asked that I complete a questionnaire, which honestly I thought was a few simple questions. However I found myself initially cursing to myself because she had asked deep questions that I couldn’t answer quickly without thought. She really wanted to know the why behind the photos. She wanted to tell my story.

On the day of the shoot, she was panicking a little due to a locked door, but honestly it made me feel like she was a person, not just a photographer. We laughed, joked, and waited, while getting to know each other a little more. She’s sincere. I learned that from the extra few minutes that we had to chat. 

Once we got started, I found myself doing yoga moves and ‘stretching it out’. While laughing hysterically while doing stretches together, it hit me that I have no clue what I’m doing or getting ready to do. We laughed together about poses because as we both found out the next day, these would kick our asses overnight! I really never felt uncomfortable, but more like I was hanging out with a friend helping me tell a story from a different view point than my own.

Autumn is an amazing artist and photographer. Her sincerity and genuineness in capturing your unique story is something I haven’t seen before. I’m looking forward to her capturing the story and love of my marriage next spring. 



I booked an Empowerment Session with Autumn right as I ended nursing my son.  My body had belonged to my child for years and took a toll on my weight, my proportions and my confidence.  I was the heaviest I’d ever been, gravity was not being friendly and I just felt “blegh”.  At first it was a little uncomfortable being the subject of a photoshoot but that feeling melted away within minutes.  Autumn’s genuine and warm personality made me feel at ease.  I found myself slowly gaining confidence.  We laughed and had a great time!  The end result took my breath away.  I saw photos of a fierce, beautiful woman and I could hardly believe it was ME.  But it was me.  It’s the me that other people see.  Not the me I pick apart in the mirror.  She reflected my confidence back to me by showing me as a whole person.  She didn’t photoshop or smooth out my imperfections - she honored them.  The entire experience was...well….empowering.



We have had multiple sessions with Autumn, and have loved the unique experience each time. My children are at ease around her and she captures their natural, playful smiles - nothing forced or cheesy. Autumn is fully present, and fully invested in the sessions. Her artistic skills are beautiful, and some of the shots she has captured have left me speechless. I love her style of story-telling photos and I love the beautiful, natural, un-posed moments she caught between my sons and our family. I love that with her style

Of photography you can just be. No forced poses or “say cheese,” - just real, authentic moments with your family. My heart swells with love when I see these treasured moments that she was able to capture for us. I admire her passion and love for motherhood. It’s easy in motherhood to lose yourself. In the midst of days on end without washing, wearing pajamas, and never finding time for you, you can start to forget who you are. You can start To be too harsh, too critical, too unforgiving with yourself. I remember feeling beautiful, magical, fun - maybe not before kids - but just the Before. When I first saw the photos she had taken of me, I was reminded that it’s not “I was...” but I am."