Empowerment Stories, March 9/10- Indianapolis

Part of motherhood is taking time for yourself. It’s about reclaiming a body that was creating and sustaining life. It's about rediscovering yourself as a mother and a lover without pressure or guilt. Sometimes it's hard to feel sexy when you're covered in spit up and haven't showered in 3 days, there's dishes to do and clothes to wash. The YOU that was before is no longer a priority. Empowerment sessions are prefect for mothers. It gives you just a moment in time to be in the presence of other women, uninterrupted and pampered. For 45 minutes, you are a priority. You get to rediscover your body and celebrate it. It's a gift to see ourselves as something other than wife or a mother and to claim your new body and celebrate it. ⠀

Booking Empowerment Stories for March 9 & 10th. Airbnb is located in Indianapolis. Sessions for this event start at $350 and include digitals and prints. Hair and makeup is also available to add on. Only 4 spots left! Claim your 45 minutes now. ⠀

Only F O U R spots left!

autumn@greystoryline.com ⠀

Autumn Chittum-Vestal