Why Grey Storyline? | How to choose a name for your photography business.

When the little positive sign popped up on the test, I thought maybe you were a girl, and I thought to myself “her name shall be Olive.” The larger my belly grew, I knew I wasn’t having a little girl, and I was so excited to raise a little boy. When I was 3 or so months along, I had a dream of exactly how you would look. The name “Lyle” was meant to be yours. You were named after a man I never met, but I’ve heard his mantra a LEAST a million times, “it’ll all work out.” It felt so right, so you, and I knew you were my little Lyle Grey. Brandi Carlile says it best, “I’ll never hit the big time without you” (‘Mother’ by Brandi Carlile) . When it came time to name my business, I knew that without you, I wouldn’t be all that I evolved into.

I attended art school in my early twenties Back then, portrait style was very “in”, and that wasn’t how I envisioned my art. I wanted to capture connection, emotion, the story. I dropped out of art school, and I went off into the adult world trying to mold myself into careers that just weren’t me. Along came my husband, Lyle Grey, and the authentic, unraveled me that was always wanting to come out.

When naming my photography business, I wanted the name to somehow encapsulate everything that I am and everything my art represents. I wanted it to speak in a way that my audience could actually feel. While I love my birth given name, I didn’t feel it was right. My son, he was the catalyst in my evolution, and I knew I wanted to pay homage to him and everything he’s done for my life. Grey… yes definitely Grey would be involved. I added Storyline simply based on my ability to be a visual storyteller. Once I united those two words, I knew, felt, it was right.

When naming your photography business, do what feels right. Do what sets you apart. Using your name is perfect! Using a brand is also perfect! I look up to so many wonderful photographers who use both and are so successful! (Stormy Solis, The Paper Deer Photography, Roots to Willow Photography, Twyla Jones, Lee Pettigrew Photography)

Whatever you decide, make sure you absolutely love it, it fits your brand, and ensure no one else has that name!