Why a Fresh 48 session? | Hospital newborn sessions

What is a Fresh 48 session?


A Fresh 48 session is the documentation of the first 24-48 hours after birth. Sweet little babes change so quickly. Birth can be a blur, so it’s wonderful to have photo documentation of one of the most monumental moments in your life- bringing a little soul Earthside. These sessions are not posed, intimate, and raw. I want to capture your beautiful postpartum body. I want to capture the tiny toes, the learning how to nurse, the first time taking a bottle, herbal baths, skin to skin, Mama gazing into those precious new eyes. I want to capture the tiny details of those first hours.

I will bring along some muslin blankets and use the hospital provided blankets or any blanket provided by the midwife/birth center. I suggest a robe/kimono for mom, but it’s not required. I will capture life as it really looks- nipple shields, SNS feeding, bottle feeding, mesh underwear (I wore Depends after I delivered!) and your beautiful postpartum body that just carried that perfect little baby.

While you waited in darkness,
tiny knees curled to chin,
the Earth and her creatures
with the Sun and the Moon
all moved to their places,
each ready to greet you
the very first moment
of the very first day you arrived.

These sessions are on call, so I only book a few a month! Book your session early to secure your spot.