What to pack on a trip | Helpful tips to travel light

My family recently set off on an excursion to Union Pier, Michigan. We are from central Indiana, so the drive was a mere 3 hours- perfection. This is mid-October, which is basically what tax time is to accountants (thank you Instagram for that lovely analogy!), so to say I’m drowning in sessions/customer communication/editing is an understatement. While packing on vacation, I took a pause and thought about what we really needed. What did I want for this vacation? What were my expectations?

Well, my expectations were simple really- I just wanted to keep pausing. I wanted to watch my son dance on the beach. I wanted to wake up slow and wrap up in blankets and really breathe in those morning snuggles. I wanted to be intentional with our day by not having a list or a plan and just ‘be’.

So, I packed up our food (we always travel with our own food due to food allergies), some clothes, and our toiletries. I brought along my camera and MacBook thinking I was going to work, but knew I really needed a few days off. I only took my big camera out a handful of times to snap a few shots and put it away. I wanted to capture some snippets of the vacation without being stuck behind the camera or having to spend hours upon hours editing.

I stayed off my phone, off my computer, and I was able to be fully present with my family. It was the best long weekend I’ve had in ages.